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  • What is Telkom Music Powered by JOOX?

    Telkom Music Powered by JOOX, is a music app that provides music streaming services to Telkom customers. In the app, you can listen to thousands of chart-topping songs on demand, shuffle any recommended songs, add favourite songs, and enjoy other innovative services. Telkom Music Powered by JOOX is available for all Telkom customers with the added convenience of being able to subscribe for the all-access VIP package via your prepaid airtime or postpaid contract account. Telkom customers can also enjoy the benefits of Telkom Music Powered by JOOX via the FreeMe Bundles.

    Telkom Music Powered by JOOX, an Android only application, is available on the Google Play and Huawei App Stores.

  • What are the main features of Telkom Music Powered by JOOX?

    Thousands of songs available on demand: Access thousands of your favourite songs anytime, anywhere!

    Data saving: Users are able to manage your data usage anytime using our multiple data management features such as:

    • Non-Wi-Fi Network Alert: To alert you to when you are listening to music with your data.
    • Data Usage Limits: This feature allows users to select one of the preset limit options available in order to limit data usage per month.
    • Download Via Sata Networks: The app ensures users limit their data usage by notifying users when they are using data and not on a Wi-Fi network when streaming/downloading music.
    • Audio Streaming Quality: Set your desired audio quality for data network streaming, Wi-Fi streaming and download quality in order to manage your data usage per streaming quality level.
    • Auto Cache: Telkom Music Powered by JOOX allows you to auto-cache your recently played music to help you manage your data usage. An option to set data limit usage per month. As a user, you will be notified when you reach this limit.
    • Data Saver Mode: Data Saver Mode helps cut down on your data usage by only allowing the bare minimum of data for the app to function.
    • Download and play music on Data Saver Mode: The ability to download and play music on Data Saver Mode for VIP subscribers.

    Small app size: Telkom Music Powered by JOOX is only 15MB, saving you space on your phone, allowing more space for your music downloads!

  • How do I download the Telkom Music Powered by JOOX app?

    Telkom Music Powered by JOOX is only available for Android versions 5 - 11 devices and can be found in Google Play Store and Huawei AppGallery. To download, go to your relevant app store, search for the 'Telkom Music' app and select download.

  • How do I sign up for Telkom Music Powered by JOOX?

    You can register an account directly on the Telkom Music Powered by JOOX app or on Simply download the app and follow the prompts to register your account on the app or visit Enter your cell phone number and complete the OTP verification.

  • How do I purchase Telkom Music Powered by JOOX VIP?

    To purchase your VIP package, visit Simply log in if you already have an account, or register if you need to create one, and follow the prompts to complete your payment. You can pay via your Telkom prepaid (airtime) or add it to your post-paid (cellphone contract) account.

  • What payment options are available?

    To pay for Telkom Music Powered by JOOX VIP, users are currently only able to pay using airtime on their prepaid account or by adding Telkom Music Powered by JOOX VIP to their contract (postpaid) account. We currently do not accept Debit/Credit cards or any other payment methods.

  • How do I navigate the data-saving features of the app?

    Telkom Music Powered by JOOX has a host of data-saving features to help you keep track of and reduce your data usage. All data-saving features can be found by tapping on your profile picture/icon and tapping on ‘Settings’.

  • Where can I see my memory usage on Telkom Music Powered by JOOX?

    To view your memory usage, tap on your profile image/icon on the top left hand corner, select ‘Settings’ and select ‘Clear Data’. If you want to free up memory used by images, you can select ‘Image Cache’ -> ‘Clear Image Cache’ -> ‘Confirm’ to reclaim your storage space.

  • How do I play songs, albums or playlists?

    Non-VIP users are able to use the shuffle play function which will play the various songs available on the limited package.

    VIP users can tap and play their preferred songs on demand. If you are not on the play page, you can play, pause and favourite songs using the minibar at the bottom of the screen.

  • How do I create my own playlist?

    To create your own playlist, open the app and tap on ME. Tap on the 3-dot menu next to ‘My Playlist” and select ‘New Playlist’. Name your playlist, search for your favourite tracks and add them to your playlist by clicking the 3-dot menu and ‘Add to Playlist’.

    If you want to add multiple songs from an already existing playlist, open the playlist, click ‘Select’, select the songs you would like to add to your playlist, click “Add To” and select your preferred playlist.